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Old Gold


We Buy Old Gold.


What does that mean?  Jackson Diamond Jewelers is licensed by the Department of Consumer Credit through the State of Oklahoma to purchase your unworn jewelry and loose diamonds.  The price of gold is changing every minute, which constantly affects the retail cost of fine jewelry. 

Prior to 2004, gold had been just under $400 per ounce, but as of 2010 the price of gold hs risen to well over $1,000 per ounce.  The large increase in the value of gold kickstarted a big trend among jewelry stores to purchase unworn jewelry from their customers.  Bring your unworn jewelry into Jackson Diamond Jewelers, and we will evaluate your pieces free of charge and provide you with a fair and current quote. 

There are two options when selling your unworn pieces.  Jackson Diamond Jewelers will offer you two ways to spend your newly found money.  We will offer a cash value and trade-in value.  You will receive slightly higher price for the trade-in value and can place the amount on store credit at Jackson Diamond Jewelers for future purchases. 

There is no appointment necessary for your FREE evaluation.  Visit us during regular store hours. 


Visit www.kitco.com for current market value.